Julie from the Lower Mainland is pictured here with the Jehova Witness books in front of her which she
destroyed after accepting Jesus Christ in her heart. An interesting story :
She had come to the Bible studies already for a few weeks and after evangelist Gerry Eppinga explained the concept of salvation, she decided to ask the Lord Jesus Christ in her
heart and to forgive her sins. There were a few tears shed and she was one of four who came to the Lord that evening. She asked us where the Bible store is located ( she had never been
there before) so she could buy a study bible. 0n the next bible study she brought this beautiful study bible
which was a very large investment for her at that time. She felt great and in peace but shared that in her apartment on the bedroom door she had seen snakes and she had bad dreams. We wondered why this could be after she accepted the Lord in her life. After the bible study we decided to go to her apartment and take authority in the name of Jesus and that is when she told us about the Jehova Witness books. She had studied these for years and showed me a bag of 12 books with almost every page marked and underlined . We now understood the problem and after a biblical
explanation that Jesus is God and not a created being she was much willing to renounce and destroy the books.
We now took authority over these false spirits and over the apartment in Jesus name. I asked Julie the other day how things were going now and she said: “After we prayed, I never seen snakes any more and neither had any more bad dreams and is that not amazing pastor Gerry?” I said: “yes we serve indeed an amazing God.” Julie is from First Nations.

Lucille from Mission received a book on salvation from evangelist Gerry Eppinga and after spending some weeks of study in this book she decided to ask the Lord in her heart. Brother Gerry kneeled down besides her and we prayed together. On the following meeting we talked about some “Native ways” like “calling upon the dead” and looked at the bible scriptures in the salvation book from the Return to Jesus Christ Ministries and did some more praying and renouncing of spirits. She is doing well in the Lord after experiencing a very hard life. Lucille is an elder from First Nations.

James Isaac from Alert Bay we met in the Street Church on Hastings Street. Gerry Eppinga and his son Peter were preaching that time.That night several came forward for salvation and deliverence and so did James Isaac. His request from his heart was to be delivered from drugs and alcohol and receive salvation in Christ.
Peter and myself laid hands on him and and prayed earnestly to God for him and many others. About six months later I met James again in Vancouver at a laundromat and he said: ” You remember me Gerry, you prayed for me in the Street Church on Hastings Street, you know after you prayed and I left the church building to go outside I have never had a desire to do drugs or alcohol any more, it left me completely so that I have not taken either one. Praise the Lord, God answers prayer!

The following letter was received in the mail after we gave this
person our book on salvation :
Dear Gerry:
We met about two years ago in Richmond. You answered my add in the paper for a used Laptop computer, which you came to see and subsequently purchased. I trust that you were able to get some good use out of it.

I wanted to write to you and express to you my appreciation for your ministry to me on that day. As a religious person, raised in the Jehovah’s Witness faith, I was impressed with your sincerity, zeal and most of all faith. Your testimony of faith was very kind and patient, even though I must have come across as cavalier and arrogant.

I read your brochure (salvation booklet) with the intent of disproving it. As I read through it I was looking for ways to criticize it in favor of my own beliefs. In the process, I failed to recognize the misgivings that I personally came to have with regards to my own religion. How could I push my scriptures and theology on you when I was beginning to question it myself and see the Watchtower religion for what it really was? Namely, a deceptive,man-made false prophet. At the time I would have never verbalized such a statement, rather my departure from the faith was based more on the lack of love and conviction by most members and especially those in leadership. At any rate I found much of what your brochure said, very encouraging to me at that time.

Similarly, as a bible reader, I was beginning to see the erroneous nature of some of the JW beliefs. As you may know, doubts are not tolerated in the religion so I kept them to myself and did not share them with anyone, even my wife. Though I am not espousing all the things that I read in your pamphlet, I do appreciate its simple message of Christ. I have come to understand his teachings clearer with his help and have accepted him as my savior. My dedication made many years ago is now complete, even though it is far from over.

I pray that your mission is going well and that you are helping still others to come out of the gutter of the depths of this world to the light of Grace and salvation in Christ that gives eternal life (John 5:24). 1 thank you for your truly Christian nature and your love that has played a part in my finding Christ. You said in all sincerity that “one of could be wrong”, well it was me.

May God bless your efforts and keep you in his loving arms.
Your brother in Christ.