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This large sign was made by, Melody Land Signs, and was used all over the Lower Mainland in B.C. in diverse cities for about five years as a witness for Jesus in their annual parades.
Ministry teams walked with us in the parades over the years passing out a total of 25,000 salvation tracts, Praise the Lord.
Thousands of people gathered on the side walks to watch these parades and hidden behind the sign were large speakers through which we preached the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thousands of personal testimonies have been handed out in the Native reserves. We went from home to home and from reserve to reserve sharing with each individual the gospel of Christ.
They called us inside their homes for prayer and others asked Jesus Christ in their hearts.
We believe God for a great outpouring of His Spirit in First Nations to bring forth a great restoration of righteousness in their nations and the Canadian land.
As Canadians we are still responsible before God to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to First Nations. Not in the form of a residential school but through the power of the Holy Spirit in love with No compromise on the Word of God.