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God has done a wonderful thing in my life; it would be an honour for me to share it with you!

I thank Him everyday for my life. Life is awesome now that He is in my heart! This was not always the case. To put it quite frankly, I never wanted anything to do with God and struggled believing there was a God because school had always taught me about evolution. I grew up in a Christian home as my father was an evangelist. I heard some of the greatest Gospel messages ever preached and yet I did not want anything to do with God. I fell in love with the world and all it had to offer. I started to drink innocently with my friends and go out to parties and nightclubs. Listening to gangster hip hop and hanging out with drug dealers, I went deeper and deeper into the drug world. Eventually, as I became very connected with drug dealers in the lower mainland, I began to think I was invincible to anything and anybody. I had a small car in which I transported drugs and began dealing drugs to my friends in high school. Because I looked up to other drug dealers and did not look up to people who were doing good with their life, I became that very person I looked up to. I would present myself to the world wearing big gold necklaces and a full fist of gold rings. Satan let me think I was the coolest person in the world, but all he wanted to do was destroy my life.

He wants to destroy yours too.

Jesus loves you and wants the very best for your life. Life is incredible with Him in your life. Unfortunately, living my life the way I was, a lot of bad things happened to me. One small incident occurred when a car that I was in flipped upside down into a 20 ft ditch nearly missing two trees and a huge boulder that would have crushed our heads if we would have landed on it. While the car flipped over, God showed me that I was going to be okay. After this accident I had the choice to choose God and thank Him for sparing my life and body from harm. I never did, instead I quit drug dealing but kept partying even more heavily. Satan would not let me see the light, but God was still protecting me all the time because people were praying for me.

To paint a better picture, when drinking, I would drink and entire 26er of Crown Royal Whisky to myself and show off all the gold I had. Everyone at the party would think I was cool but I was just being deceived by the father of lies. Yes, I did gain a lot of popularity, but I gave up playing soccer (the sport of my life) and my grades in school were starting to drop. Previously, I had a child hood dream of becoming a doctor and this was quickly being taken over by drugs and alcohol. All I wanted to do was make money by drug dealing and party my life away. I thank God I had someone praying for me because He always protected me. Now, if you’re reading this testimony, someone is praying for you that you may see the truth of life and why we are here on earth.

There came a point in my life where I thought there was no hope for me to stop going to nightclubs and parties. There is a hope, my friend, and His name is Jesus Christ. He is my Universe now and brings me more happiness than anything this world can offer.

Now it’s time to get to the wonderful news of Jesus Christ
and how He came into my life and saved me.

The night before my graduation I went out doing my normal partying on the weekend. The only difference this time was I had a sober driver for the first time in many months. We were in a four door Honda civic. At the beginning of the night, I was happy and believed nothing was going to happen because we had a sober driver. The night started off as usual. Nothing major happened during the night and finally it was time to go home. But before going home, we decided to have on final drag race. So we started off the drag race and we got up to about 90 km/hr and all of a sudden there was a huge BANG! We were hit from the side of the car. Wouldn’t you know it, by a biker–the very people I looked up to (at this time I was unsure of what we were hit by). As soon as we got hit, the car started to swerve and went off the road. While going off the road, it started to flip upside down into a ditch. As we were flipping upside down, I thought in my head, “Oh not another accident and then another story to brag about to my friends afterwards”. In this accident, I didn’t sense that I would be all right as before. We landed upside down in a swamp and instantly there was water in the car and all I had was the breath that I went down with and when the water hit me it was very cold. I began to struggle for my life. I felt around and I could feel my friends’ hat. I pictured it being a red hat. I knew I was going to die! I felt the presence of death and I couldn’t understand it. I began to grasp for air and all I did was choke on water. It is one of the most frightening feelings anyone can experience. Then I began to say, “I’m going to die tonight–I can’t believe it, this is what it feels like!!!” I then began to repent towards God and I said to Him, If you ever let me out of this car tonight God, I promise I will live for you and stop living this life and fight for you.

After I said this, I thought to find my seat belt. But when you are upside down suspended in water and fighting for your life, it isn’t so easy. Now that God was in my life, after saying the sinners prayer, His Angels now had access to my life and they guided me all the way through my struggle until I found my seat belt. I then clicked it and was released. I frantically began to look for any air in the car. Praise be to God–there was a tiny air pocket where your feet go (remember, the car is upside down). Two of my friends heads were also in the air pocket with me to get our final breathes and find our way out of the car. We had four people in the car, but the driver fell out of the driver side window when the car flipped over. Now there were only three of us in the car. One of my friends in the car found his way out because he couldn’t feel a window on the drivers’ side. My other friend and I were now the last two in the car. As I looked into my friend’s eyes, I saw tremendous fear. We both thought that we were going to die of suffocation. We grabbed on to each other and said our last words. We were so scared that we could not even cry. All of a sudden I felt a hand shake my foot violently. Instantly, I knew a way out and God was going to spare my life. By now the oxygen in the air pocket was running out. When oxygen is taken from you, you realize how important the breath you have now is. I then went down under into the water to get out of the car but I got stuck beneath the seat and the roof of the car because I was too big and began choking again. I was brought back into the air pocket by my friend and then I took my last breath of air and went down under the water and pushed my way through the car seats and through the drivers side window. My friend then followed after me. I thank God my friends did not drink that night because it gave the right state of mind to find their way out of the car that night. As for the biker that I thought was soo cool, he tried to fight us after he seen that we almost died. He and most other drug dealers do not care for life at all.

God instantly took the things I loved in the world: parties, drugs, girls and gangster rap and destroyed them. I began to hate these things by the Holy Spirit showing me the truth and seeing the truth in God’s word the Bible. And things I hated before: going to Church, reading the Bible, hanging out with other Christians, I began to love and love more and more. Life is incredible with Jesus in it. It’s not always the easiest walk, but it is the most fulfilling and I have never been happier in my life! God is Awesome! I am now completing medical school… child hood dream! I put down the beer bottle and picked up a textbook and God gave me strength to make it through.

Come to Jesus, my friend. He is the one and only true God. This world and all the great things in it did not come from nothing. If you look at your watch, you know the watch came from a creator and that it didn’t spontaneously come from nowhere. When you look at your own body and see your heart beating and the blood flowing through all your blood vessels, how you hear and have sight or how your brain interprets the world around it and how your lungs and kidneys function, you know there is a Creator! Just like there is a creator to the watch, there is a Creator to your body! The Creator is Jesus Christ and He is knocking at your hearts door right now. He wants to take away your pain and open your eyes so that you may see the truth. The following prayer is called the sinners prayer and it is the answer to life. It would bring me great honour and pleasure if you would say it out loud or in your heart. It goes as follows:

Jesus I come to you this day and ask you to forgive me of my sins. Wash me clean by the blood shed at the cross at Calvary. I believe you died for my sins and that you rose from the dead so that I may live when I die. Thank you Jesus, forgive me of my sins, and I ask you Holy Spirit to come into my heart and guide my life and help me to serve God. I receive you now in Jesus Name and be Lord of my Life! Amen. Congratulations and welcome to the Kingdom of God. I encourage you to find a Bible believing church and read your Bible to learn more about what Gods Will is for your life. If you have any questions or would like to write us, our address is below.

God Bless You Beloved and see you in Heaven.

Peter Eppinga
Wonderfully and Beautifully Saved by
the Lord Jesus Christ!
Son of Evangelist Gerry Eppinga
Return to Jesus Christ Ministries
P.O. Box 3334
Mission B.C.
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